Aldi customer's 'cheeky' trolley hack earns her $5

An Australian woman has revealed a simple way to make some extra cash by spending a bit of time in an Aldi car park.

The shopper, identified only as Natalie, shared in a video to her YouTube channel Frugal Aussie on Tuesday how she has adapted a "cheeky side hustle for cash" by paying regular visits to the supermarket.

For just 15 minutes of easy work, Natalie managed to collect $5.

All she did was inspect shopping trolleys carelessly discarded throughout the store's car park to see if customers had left a gold coin in them.

Blurred person walks past the front of an Aldi store.
A shopper has revealed how she made some extra cash by scouring an Aldi car park. Source: Getty Images

Coin operated trolleys used at some retailers require a gold coin or a special circular disc to unlock in what is designed to encourage customers to return their trolleys to a bay after use.

As highlighted in Natalie's video, the gold coin wasn't always worth the hassle of returning the trolley to its bay for some shoppers.

One type of trolley most likely to be dumped

In her experience, trolleys with a baby cot attached generally produced coins, as well as those dumped far from the store's entrance.

"I found trolleys with a baby cot in them the best and trolleys a long way from the store. I guess people just can't be bothered returning their trolley," she wrote towards the end of the video.

In addition, Natalie said she heard some people make up to four times what she did if they commit to a full day of work.

"Apparently people use this as a cash side hustle and some pensioners make about $20 a day to supplement their income," she wrote.

"Some days you make a bit, some days you don't."

Through her YouTube channel Natalie said she helps "uni students, pensioners, the homeless or the unemployed stretch their dollar".

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