Women slammed for 'tone deaf' coronavirus game on TikTok

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A TikTok video has emerged of a group of friends taking turns to guess who will be struck by coronavirus next after one of them tested positive.

The seven women, believed to be from Skerries in Ireland, claimed they all got tested for coronavirus after one of them returned a positive result following a night out together.

In the video, each of the girls take turns to guess and explain why they’ve chosen that person to be next, with the woman infected with the virus also giving her prediction.

In the 55-second clip, the first girl introduces herself and explains they had all been tested. She guesses the friend she thinks will get it next because she had been sick the past few days.

The next girl is sitting in front of a photo of the friend claiming to be infected licking another on the cheek.

She guesses the girl being licked will be the next infected.

The third points to a girl who sat next to the infected friend, while the fourth, who claims to have coronavirus, suggested everybody was going to get it as she shared drinks and licked people while she was drunk.

The next two friends then had a punt before the last one suggested one of their friends who “got every sickness”.

With the friends making light of the deadly coronavirus in the video, it is not clear whether the group just created it as a prank for social media.

Regardless, the young women were heavily criticised for posting the TikTok, which has since been deleted.

“I want to believe this is ‘just’ a hoax/prank, albeit a pretty tone deaf one,” a person wrote on the video shared to Reddit.

Pictured are two of the girls (blurred) guessing who has coronavirus in the TikTok video.
Two friends appearing in the Irish TikTok video which has been labelled 'insensitive'. Source: TikTok

A source told the Irish Mirror the group of girls had been spending time together during coronavirus lockdown.

“One of the group began feeling unwell after they went out to dinner in Dublin,” they said.

“That individual went and got a COVID test which came back positive which led to the whole friendship group awaiting tests and self-isolating.

“One then jokingly made an insensitive TikTok of the group predicting whose test would come back positive considering their last outing.”

The source added nobody in the group knew of the coronavirus case when they were “licking each other’s faces”.

“The girls have recognised that they shouldn’t have been sharing drinks, licking faces et cetera and that the TikTok was wrong and insensitive,” the source said.

Ireland to date has had more than 29,000 cases of coronavirus and almost 2000 deaths.

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