Woman's TikTok video exposes 'perverted' bathroom feature

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A young female TikTok user has discovered a hidden two-way mirror in a public bathroom.

In the short video posted on August 20 Tatiana can bee seen standing in a public bathroom, recording herself in the mirror behind a toilet, as she switches off the light she reveals the mirror is a hidden window to what appears to be another room with cleaning supplies.

“Note to myself: I'm just gonna use the bathroom at my house from now on,” Tatiana wrote along with the video.

Hidden two-way mirror in public bathroom.
The woman found a hidden two-way mirror in a public bathroom. Source: TikTok/@lalatinasueca

More than 1.5 million TikTok users have since watched the video, leaving them in shock at the hidden two-way glass which was only visible because the light had been left on inside the room on the other side of the mirror.

“That is absolutely not okay,” one person responded.

“And I thought women’s bathrooms were a place we could be safe,” another user commented.

“This is terrifying,” one person wrote.

Tatiana didn't’ disclose where she filmed the video or if it was reported to police, but it was enough of a reminder for followers to share their tips to check mirrors in public restrooms and change rooms.

“Always check the back of the mirror to see if there is a gap between the mirror and the wall behind it, if there isn’t - get out!” one person suggested.

A few people shared how to use your phone to check for anything suspicious.

“If you put your phone flashlight close against a mirror, it can show you if there is anything on the other side,” one person wrote.

Several followers insisted in the comments that the TikTok user report the location to police.

“Girl, you need to report this, it’s a crime,” a user wrote.

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