Woman's shocking discovery in supermarket chicken

A woman has made a shocking discovery in a seemingly ordinary piece of chicken purchased at the supermarket.

Nadia Petersen, a New Zealand woman, claims that she was grilling a piece of boneless chicken when she found a rusty nail in the meat.

She said that she bought the boneless chicken thigh at a branch of the Kiwi supermarket, Countdown.

“Check your boneless chicken thighs from Countdown (Regent Whangarei),” she wrote.

“Just about chomped on a rusty… nail.”

Ms Petersen uploaded a photograph of the rusty nail and a piece of grilled chicken to Facebook on Wednesday.

Nadia Petersen posted images of the rusty nail and chicken, which she says she bought from Countdown supermarket in New Zealand, to Facebook on Wednesday
Nadia Petersen posted images of the rusty nail and chicken to Facebook on Wednesday. Source: Facebook/Nadia Petersen

“I picked it up and I held it and stared at it for a couple seconds in disbelief, then I ran outside and spat my food out then washed my mouth out,” Ms Petersen told local outlet TVNZ.

“I rung the hospital first who took my details and passed me on to the poisons centre to make sure I wasn’t going to get sick from ingesting chicken with rust in it.”

Ms Petersen’s mother called Countdown Regent, who rang her back to offer a refund and 200 in-store loyalty card points, the outlet reported.

The supermarket chain is currently investigating the incident.

“We’ve been in the touch with the customer and she’ll be bringing the nail in for us to investigate further,” a Countdown spokesperson told Yahoo7.

Nadia Petersen alleges that she found a rusty nail in her chicken at a Countdown supermarket in New Zealand
Nadia Petersen alleges that she found a rusty nail in her chicken. Source: Facebook/Nadia Petersen

“Food safety is our utmost priority and we have a really thorough process to ensure we investigate any complaints properly.

“We have a range of safety precautions and measures in place which can include metal detectors at points in the process and full traceability on all fresh meat.

“Our investigations are already underway and once the nail arrives we’ll be able to further analyse this.”

Yahoo7 has reached out to Ms Petersen for comment.