Woman's confusing discovery on her airline ticket

A woman claims a budget airline booked her into a seat which didn’t exist.

Satwika Ika wrote on Facebook she boarded a Lion Air flight from Palembang, Indonesia to Jakarta last week when she noticed something strange on her ticket while boarding.

Ms Ika shared a photo of her ticket with the seats in front of her.

To the left is row 34 with seats F, E and D and there are no rows in front.

Satwika Ika was boarding a Lion Air flight when she realised her seat didn’t exist. Source: Facebook/ Satwika Ika

But Ms Ika’s ticket reads “row 35, seat F”. So, where is her seat?

She wrote she asked staff about it and was informed online check-in uses the default larger aircraft while the plane she was boarding on was smaller.

The woman also claims the flight attendants were rude and unhelpful. One of them asked her to sit on “an empty bench” while they sorted out a seat for her.

She wrote she found the ordeal confusing.

“Which empty seat does that mean?” she said.

“Show me it. Don’t tell me to search for it myself.”

The woman claims she was told the online booking was for a larger plane than the one she boarded for Jakarta. Source: Getty Images (File pic)

She was placed in another seat but it’s not clear whether she made it to her destination. 

Lion Air reportedly said in a statement the plane Ms Ika booked on had 215 seats but was replaced with one with 189 due to an operational issue.  

The airline also apologised for any inconvenience caused.

It added the flight took off without delay and Lion Air will reconsider how passengers book seats online. 

Ms Ika’s post has since been shared more than 9,800 times with 11,000 likes.

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