Woman with brain tumour's tragic plea to the unvaccinated

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A woman with a brain tumour has issued a frustrated plea to the unvaccinated as she awaits life-changing surgery.

The woman known as Amanda, who uses the handle @mechanicaleraser on TikTok, posted a video on the social media platform explaining her dire situation.

In the video she displays X-rays of her head and points to the tumour next to her brain stem “which is very dangerous”.

“It needs to be removed soon,” she said.

A woman is pictured along with an X-ray of a brain tumour.
Amanda explains why she has not had surgery on her brain tumour yet. Source: TikTok/ @mechanicaleraser

Amanda says plenty have asked her why she hasn’t had surgery yet and why it has taken her so long to schedule it.

Her explanation “truly” makes her angry, she explained.

“The reality of the situation is that the neurosurgery department that will be handling my surgery only currently has access to 50 per cent of the beds that they normally would,” she said.

“And you guessed it – this is because of unvaccinated Covid patients. So, I’m literally waiting for an ICU bed to open up so that my surgery can get scheduled.”

The tumour was found more than a month ago, but she was optimistic at the time of the video that a bed would become available within the next three to six weeks. 

“So in the meantime I get to sit here and cross my fingers that this tumour doesn’t grow to the point that I start seeing what could be irreversible symptoms in my brain and my body. 

“Please go get vaccinated. It doesn’t just affect you. It’s not only risking your life. It’s risking hundreds of thousands of lives – people that you’ve never met.”

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