Woman flags down brave stranger to remove huntsman from car

A woman has thanked an ‘unsuspecting’ stranger for bravely removing an unwanted guest from her car.

She was driving in Taren Point in Sydney’s south on Wednesday when she discovered a huntsman spider crawling through the vehicle.

“A huge thank you to the poor, unsuspecting gentleman who I flagged down in Taren Point this evening to get a huntsman out of my car,” she wrote on Facebook.

“Frankly I would have had to ditch the car if he hadn’t come to my rescue.”

The post was made in a private local group and many others were quick to praise the kind stranger, or sympathise with the woman.

“Not all heroes wear capes,” one person said.

“Omg worst nightmare,” another claimed.

“You poor thing.”

Many others said they would either ditch their car, or burn it car if they found a huntsman lurking while driving.

A woman took to Facebook to thank a stranger who got rid of a huntsman spider from her car. Source: Getty/file

Despite their large – and frankly terrifying – appearance, huntsman spiders are not considered to be dangerous.

According to the Australian Museum, huntsman spiders do have venom and could cause “some ill effects” to those bitten, however they will usually run away instead of becoming aggressive.

“I think we’ve all had that experience,” one woman wrote on the post.

“Don’t panic because they are more scared than you and rarely bite.”

“Oh boy, just pick out up and put it out, I move them from my house all the time and have never been bitten,” another brave person commented.

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