Woman 'mortified' over rude text to best friend's husband

Sarah Carty
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Just one day after it was reported that a woman left her husband when she found out about his nasty nickname for her over text, another woman has made an awkward texting blunder.

The woman took to Mumsnet to reveal that she wanted the ‘floor to swallow her up’ after she accidentally sent her best friend’s husband a rude text message.

“I went to see a friend today and had a brief chat with her husband, also a friend,” she started her post.

“We talked about a film and I sent him a text message to say that I was watching it.”

A woman was left ‘mortified’ when she accidentally text her best friend’s husband telling him she ‘wanted’ him. Photo: Getty Images

However, the woman’s screen on her phone is broken at the moment and she claims it has a ‘life of its own’ and ‘runs away with itself and selects random words’.

“I apparently have just sent him a text which says ‘I want you’,” the woman continued.

She went on to say that she ‘apologised profusely’ but is ‘mortified’ and ‘actually can’t breathe’.

Commenters were quick to reassure the woman that such a blunder could happen to anyone and if they’re real friends, they’ll see the funny side of it.

“Don’t be mortified, everyone knows predictive text has a life of its own. Just text what you meant to say and move on,” one person said.

Most people online thought her friends should see the funny side of it. Photo: Getty Images

“I once texted a guy with ‘shall we have children?’ Instead of ‘shall we have chinese?’ (predictive text’s fault). I wasn’t wearing my reading glasses and we were discussing what to do for a second date,” a second commenter said.

“Tbh you’d better off pretending it was for someone else in your phonebook so I would send a follow-up text NOW saying OMG that wasn’t for you, sorry!,” another Mumsnet user said.

Another person said that they know a lot of people who are ‘very paranoid’ and would not be happy their best friend was texting their husband something like that.

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