Woman hits out at Bunnings' 'pathetic' dog rule

Brooke Rolfe
News Reporter

There has been online uproar over hardware giant, Bunnings’, controversial rule demanding customers’ dogs wear a muzzle inside its stores.

The policy was introduced in 2015 following an accident resulting in a child being bitten by a canine, however, shoppers have since made their disapproval of the rule well known.

“You have to muzzle your dog in Bunnings?! Just because some silly kid didn’t ask permission before touching a dog and got nipped? F***ing pathetic,” an angry customer shared to Facebook on Saturday.

The female shopper argued her dogs were “friendly and love people”, so was frustrated when an employee at a shop in Perth, Western Australia, ordered she remove them from the store.

Hardware giant, Bunnings’, controversial rule demanding customers’ dogs wear a muzzle inside its stores has caused an outcry. Source: AAP

“Muzzles are for aggressive dogs and evil crotch goblins. Not friendly, loving pooches,” she said.

“I took my dog in and they told me to muzzle her too. I can understand why, just wish they could put that info up on their website too,” another pet owner said. 

After voicing her concerns in a Perth community group, hundreds of online commentators chimed in, with some saying they thought the rule was not necessary and others defending the policy for the sake of public safety.

The rule, which is noted on Bunnings’ website, stated dogs must either be carried, be in a vehicle, or on a lead and muzzled.

A frustrated Bunnings customer took to Facebook after she was told her dogs would not be allowed inside the store without a muzzle on. Source: Facebook

Prior to 2015 the store allowed dogs inside without muzzles, so long as they were “under appropriate control, not aggressive and did not compromise anyone’s safety”.

A five-year-old girl was bitten on the leg inside a Melbourne store in November 2015, which ultimately led to Bunnings’ move to tighten its policy.

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