'Secret' bridesmaid reveals the 'toughest part' of her job: 'That part never gets easier'

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A professional “secret” bridesmaid revealed one of the biggest hangups of her career. People were stunned.

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Jen Glantz describes herself as the “world’s first bridesmaid for hire.” Yep, that means brides around the world pay Glantz to join their wedding parties. While it sounds like you’re getting paid to be someone’s bestie, the gig is actually a little more complicated than that. That fact couldn’t have been clearer when Glantz lamented one of the downsides of her work.

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“75% of the time, when people hire me to be their bridesmaid, it’s a complete secret and we don’t talk ever again after the wedding ends. And that part never gets easier,” her video text read. She added in the caption that it’s “the toughest part of this.”

People had different feelings about the service Glantz provides, but many took comfort in it.

“No ma’am… you’d be a forever bestie,” a person commented.

“I always wondered how people have so many bridesmaids,” a user said.

“Wait a minute. You can hire a bridesmaid! And here I thought about never having a wedding bc I had no one to be bridesmaids,” another wrote.

“Wait, there are women who think they HAVE to have bridesmaids to have a wedding? That’s so sad,” someone added.

“Honestly, I’ve always been scared as someone with little to no friends of not having ‘enough’ bridesmaids, so this is comforting to see,” a TikToker revealed.

So if Glantz isn’t actually being paid to be a friend, what is she doing? A professional bridesmaid is more like a hired hand to manage the social aspects and supplementary event planning of the wedding. She’s there for emotional support, mitigating family drama and handling all the headaches that usually overwhelm the bride.

Not everyone who is getting married has this kind of support, and even if they do, it might be better coming from an outside party, or they may not want to saddle friends with work.

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