Woman furious at behaviour of 'tourists' in popular holiday spot

A furious Sunshine Coast resident has lashed out at tourists who she accuses of leaving behind a mess at a campground.

The woman shared photos of rubbish, burnt-out campfires and tyre tracks across Noosa North Shore Beach Campground.

She added the photos were taken on Monday morning after the area was visited by who she claims were tourists.

She also claims whoever visited the area defecated “everywhere”.

Tyre tracks seen across the sand at Noosa North Shore Beach Campground. A furious resident has hit out blaming tourists for leaving garbage behind.
Tyre tracks on Noosa North Shore Beach Campground's beach. A woman has blamed tourists for leaving rubbish behind and even defecating in the park. Source: Facebook

“Noosa Council please take proper action in protecting this beautiful piece of nature against humans,” she wrote.

Fellow residents were also disgusted by the images.

“What a bunch of peasants,” one man wrote.

Another man called the garbage and condition of the beach and park “horrendous”.

Garbage bags, paper plates, egg cartons and other scraps are seen at Noosa North Shore Beach Campground. A woman has blamed the garbage on tourists not cleaning up after themselves.
Rubbish including paper plates, egg cartons and plastic bags at the camp ground. Source: Facebook

“Disgusting human behaviour, complete lack of respect for Australia,” one woman wrote.

Another called it “bloody disgraceful”.

A woman, who claims to have used the campground before, said whomever’s responsible for the rubbish has “no excuse”.

“There are huge skip bins just as the camping starts,” she wrote.

“Use them people, don't wreck it for the majority that do the right thing.”

A burnt out fire with an aerosol can at Noosa North Shore Beach Campground. A plastic bag is also seen among the mangroves. A woman's blamed the garbage on tourists visiting the campground.
Residents have voiced their disgust over the mess. Source: Facebook

A spokesperson for Noosa Council told Yahoo News Australia in a statement it’s seeking out those responsible.

“Much of Noosa North Shore is National Park managed by the State Government,” the statement reads.

“Campers using this area are required by law to dispose of rubbish responsibly, or face a fine.

“On the spot fines apply to anyone caught littering or illegally dumping rubbish on Council-controlled areas of Noosa North Shore.”

Garbage dumped at Noosa North Shore Beach Campground including plastic bags and paper plates.
Noosa Council is investigating who did the illegal dumping. Source: Facebook

Council asked anyone who witnesses illegal dumping to report it as it takes these incidents “seriously”.

“As well as being unsightly, dumped rubbish costs ratepayers thousands of dollars in removal expenses, plus it can harm the environment,” the statement reads.

“Council uses various tools to catch offenders. These include patrols of known hotspots and following up leads from the public.”

Anyone who dumps garbage illegally can be fined from $2,135. More serious offences attract penalties in excess of $100,000.

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