Melbourne mourns 'another woman killed' after body found near tennis courts

Police are investigating a suspected murder after a woman's body was discovered at Parkville, in Melbourne's inner north, amid fears her death could be the result of another fatal attack on females in the city.

The woman was found dead at Royal Park, near tennis courts on Elliot Avenue, at about 9.15am on Saturday. Police are treating the death as suspicious.

Homicide and other detectives are scouring a crime scene near the North Park Tennis Club where dog walkers discovered the woman near a collection of logs and trees just before 9.30am on Saturday.

Police at Royal Park, Parkville, where a woman's body was found on Saturday morning. Source: AAP Image/ James Ross

"Unfortunately they've both come across this horrendous scene," Homicide Squad Detective Inspector Andrew Stamper told reporters at the park Saturday afternoon.

Police say they're yet to determine cause of death for the woman, who has not been identified, but believe she has been murdered.

A large section of the park has been cordoned off and police and SES crews are expected to undertake a line search at the scene shortly as they investigate.

Violence against women not a result of women’s behaviour: police

"This is an horrendous crime, as all murders are, and particularly the murders of women and we've got our best people [investigating]," Detective Inspector Stamper said.

"Our focus as always will be on catching the perpetrator of this horrendous crime and I give the community my assurance that we won't stop."

Forensic investigators examine the crime scene at Royal Park, Parkville, where a woman's body has been found. Source: AAP /James Ross

Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius said the discovery "has come as an awful shock”.

"Women in our community, absolutely, should and can feel safe and are absolutely entitled to enjoy everything our community has to offer without fear.

"And they can be confident our community is open to be enjoyed by women as much as men," he said.

"Women and men should be entitled and feel safe to go about their day-to-day activities."

Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius addresses the media at a press conference at Royal Park, Parkville after a woman's body was found. Source: AAP /James Ross

Hearing about women being attacked in their homes or on the city’s streets, the Assistant Commissioner said, as a father and husband, it gives him pause for reflection about men’s behaviour.

“What is it, in our community, that allows some men to think it’s ok to attack women or take from women what they want for whatever reason?” he asked.

"Violence against women is, absolutely, about men's behaviour. It’s not women's behaviour.

“Women in our community can, and should, expect that men get that. And men should recognise that it is their behaviour that causes violence against women.

“The men in our community need to take responsibility for this,” he urged.

No arrests have yet been made and the investigation is ongoing.

Police investigate what led to the woman's death at Royal Park, Parkville. Source: AAP Image/ James Ross

Melbourne mourns ‘another woman killed’

The woman’s death has left Melburnians in mourning, still reeling from the deaths of Aiia Maasarwe in January, and Eurydice Dixon a year ago, both murdered while walking home.

“Another woman killed. This is just awful,” one tweeted.

“When are we going to accept this is a crisis?”

Another woman asked on Twitter what the police presence was at Royal Park, fearing the worst.

“Hope it’s not another woman killed in this area it’s a favourite place to walk for so many,” she tweeted.

A woman's body has been found near tennis courts at Elliot Avenue, Parkville, on Saturday morning. Source: Google Maps

A third woman tweeted: “Not again.”

North Park Tennis Club head coach Gabriel Moise told the ABC the news of the woman found dead was "pretty scary"

"It's very bad … it's pretty confronting," he said.

The coach said the area was “pitch black” of mornings when he opens up at the courts, and more lighting was needed.

Police have promised an increased presence at the park over coming days.

Police care appealing for anyone who was in the Royal Park area late Friday night or early Saturday morning, particularly rough sleepers, to come forward.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the online reporting page.

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