Woman finds kitten under car bonnet after driving for an hour

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You don't have to be a mechanic to know that kittens don't belong under the bonnet of cars.

TikTok user Selena Vielma, from the US, became an expert in cat extraction after rescuing a kitten that was stuck in her car.

Ms Vielma was driving when she heard the cat's meow. Checking her car when she pulled over. she was shocked to find a small kitten under the hood of her car.

"I unknowingly drove around with it for an hour!" Ms Vielma captioned the video.

The woman found the kitten under the hood of her car. Source: TikTok
The woman found the kitten under the hood of her car. Source: TikTok

Cat continued to meow

In the clip, which has been viewed over 3.2 million times, Ms Vielma begins filming as she gets out of her car, with a high-pitched meow heard in the background.

"This literally just happened the other day," she explains as she walks around to the front of the car, the meows getting more frantic.

"A freaking kitten was in my car, I don't know where it's at."

She continues filming, looking under the bonnet of her car and noting the paw prints from the feline, before eventually finding it.

"Oh I see you, it's the same one," she exclaims. 

She then zooms in on the kitten, which is camouflaged under the car's components.

"Kitty, what is wrong with you?"

Thousands of users commented on the post, many relaying similar stories when they have discovered animals in their car and urging people to always check for strays animals.

"It's getting colder and kitties will do this to stay warm," one user wrote. "please check under your tyres [too]."

"Looks like you have a cat now," joked another.

Rescued it the day before

Many users asked the woman why she didn't just keep it.

"I live in an apartment that charges a $500 pet deposit plus monthly pet rent that I can't afford," she explained.

In another video, the woman explains she had rescued it the day before and figured it had found its mum.

"The first time that I heard the kitty I had just [taken] my husband to work. I was driving home and I heard him yelling and I get home and sure enough, he's in there."

She continued saying she looked around for its mum but it wiggled free and ran off.

 "I really wish I could keep and help every cat that I see on the street but I don't have the money for it, or the room," she said.

"All I can hope for is that the kitty is safe, and maybe hopefully somebody found it and took it in, or is at least feeding it."

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