Woman creates burger board on TikTok for the win! 'Perfect for summertime by the pool!'

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Magician in disguise Samantha Bauchmann (@samanthabauchmann) created an incredibly photogenic burger board — essentially a platter covered with everything a person might want to make their own mouth-watering summer burger. 

Food boards are Bauchmann’s bread and butter, and she brought her A game to this particular board. Bauchmann describes the creation process on her Instagram feed, explaining that she “wanted to go in order of building a burger when placing items on the board.” And to make things easier, she sorted the ingredients in clockwise order! 

Bauchmann thought of everything when building her board — even lettuce wraps for those who opt for gluten-free fare or simply prefer to forgo the bun. Just looking at all the options for a burger opens up the possibilities for a fun take on the classic.

This particular board offers patties, buns, lettuce wraps, tomatoes, cheese, pickles, avocados, mushrooms and bacon. There is truly a topping for everyone. Not to mention that Bauchmann somehow also fits fries, onion rings and dipping sauces onto the burger board, too.

Perfect for a football team

TikTok users were wowed by Bauchmann’s presentation. One follower wrote, “Looks fabulous! Thanks for the idea!” 

Another person joked, “It’s charcuterie for the boys on the football team.” The NFL should reach out to Bauchmann for some post-game catering!

Bauchmann’s Instagram post explainer also received a lot of support. Users loved the board’s presentation and limitless options for the perfect customized burger.

One user commented, “Perfect for summertime by the pool!” The board’s portability is definitely a plus! 

With summer finally here, this picture-perfect burger board is equal parts inspiring, eye-catching and mouth-watering! Carrying it is probably a bit of an arm workout, which can’t hurt either!

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