'Who should go first?': Road rule challenge stumps drivers

Josh Dutton
·News Reporter
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A confusing road rules question involving two cars has left people scratching their heads after it was posted to the VicRoads Instagram page on Monday.

It posed a simple question: “Can you tell us who should go first here?”

The department pictured two cars labelled A and B preparing to turn right at an intersection. They are facing each other, meaning going at the same time would see the cars colliding.

One man simply answered: “Car A”.

“This is why we have signals,” another man wrote.

Two cars are pictured at an intersection.
Who goes first at this intersection? Source: VicRoads

Others suggested “they can both go”.

However, the correct answer is both drivers need to signal to each other what their intention is and “acknowledge each other with a friendly wave”.

“Then they can proceed into the intersection at the same time. Both drivers should turn in front, into their respective streets,” the department said.

When cars need to give way to each other

The rule is similar to one Queensland Transport explained a few years ago.

It pictured a three-lane road with all lanes travelling in the same direction. Two cars are driving in both outside lanes with the middle lane empty – an orange car on the left and a red car on the right.

“Both cars have indicated to merge into the middle lane, which car should go first?” the department wrote.

People were perplexed.

But the correct answer, in this case, is the cars have to give way to each other.

“When changing lanes, you must give way to any vehicle in the lane you are moving into. In this instance, both vehicles must give way to each other,” the department wrote.

“The drivers need to wait until it becomes clear that it is safe for one of them to continue to complete the lane change.”

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