'What were they thinking?': Shocking 'danger' inside Sydney rental

A Sydney woman has revealed a bizarre detail in her shower that could be a "disaster just waiting to happen".

Madelaine Orr who lives with her partner in their rental home posted the photo to a Facebook group, willing people to "spot the danger".

There were many issues pointed out about the shower — black mould, peeling paint, rotting windows — but the main (and most hidden) danger in question was an electrical socket.

A photo of the roof of a house. Another photo of a shower in a rental, where there are many hazards including an electrical circuit on the window.
A young Sydney couple found an electrical socket in their shower, and posted the unnerving photo in the Things Found In Walls Facebook group. Source: Facebook

Social media users react to Sydney shower

The photo attracted more than 2,300 engagements and almost 1000 comments, leaving people incredulous.

"Who puts an electrical outlet in a shower!!" one person said on Facebook.

"Lord what where they thinking?" said another.

"My shower also had an outlet in it when I moved in?? far above the shower head but for what purpose?" a third person said.

Some thought that the judging by the set-up, the bathroom used to have a bathtub before it was renovated.

A photo of an electrical socket located at the top of a window, right next to the shower.
The woman turned on the shower to show how close the water is falling to the electrical socket located at the top of the window. Source: Facebook

"The bathroom probably had only a bath tub and years later someone added the shower plumbing," someone said.

"That is my thoughts, especially in rental units in which renovations are made as cheaply and as quickly as possible to make it available for rent," another piped in. It is not known if the socket still has power running to it.

Whole shower deemed a hazard, couple finding new place

Other's pointed out that besides the electrical circuit, there were so many other things wrong with the shower, which could cause serious health problems.

"It would be harder to find something that isn't a hazard in that pic," one person said.

"I can smell the wet rot," another said.

"The black mould looks like it’s seeped into the walls. I’d say that’s more worrisome than the plug no one in their right mind would use," a third person said.

Ms Orr updated the post to say that her and her partner "won't be staying there much longer" because of the "hazards" and are at the moment trying to deal with the mould.

According to the NSW Government, tenants must notify their landlord as soon as there are signs of mould or damp in the property, and call the local Public Health Unit.

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