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Bizarre mystery as woman's walls start leaking 'blood'

A woman has been left horrified after discovering her bathroom walls appeared to be leaking a red blood-like substance.

Lexy Chidester, 30, a college counsellor from California, US, first noticed the strange liquid dripping down her wall underneath the bathroom cabinet.

The scene looked like something straight out of a horror film as the peculiar trail of ‘blood’ trickled down the walls over the nearby plug sockets.

She initially dismissed it as a stain caused by her “messy” brother, as there was no evidence of the substance coming from the inside of the cabinet.

However, the next morning, Lexy became more concerned as the eerie stain had doubled in size, and the wall appeared to be actively ‘bleeding.’

The counsellor took it upon herself to investigate the terrifying mystery, speaking to a plumber and performing an at-home mould test kit.

She took to Instagram to share the horrifying findings in a video that has been viewed over 6.2 million times.

Lexy Chidester showing off red stains on her wall.
Lexy Chidester worked to uncover the truth behind her 'bleeding walls'. Source: Australscope/Jam Press

In the post – which has been liked over 201,000 times – Lexi asks viewers what they think has happened as she feared it may be something supernatural.

Users flocked to the comments to share their thoughts, with one person commenting: “Time to move.”

Another user joked: “You house on its period.”

“Call someone to check your damn walls [you've] probably got someone in there,” said someone else.

“Your bathroom is ready for Halloween!!!” quipped another user.

“You need to leave Satan is coming for you,” said someone else.

Lexy made it her mission to investigate what was behind the creepy scenario.

“I filmed the video to get someone’s opinion on what it was, and what to do because I didn’t understand what it was,” Lexy told NeedToKnow.

“At first, I didn’t think much of it, but when it came back and doubled in size the next day, realising it wasn’t a spill of something, I laughably thought that’s not normal.

“I spoke with a plumber who talked me through what I was looking for in the pipe system if it was a leak.

“I climbed into the attic and looked for similar coloured goo or wet areas. I got an at-home mould kit to test for mould.

“There was a discussion of cutting into the wall, but that was the absolute last resort! I am not a handy person to know how to fix leaks, cut into walls, and check house wiring."

Truth behind 'bleeding' walls

Lexy then realised the only place that was unexplored more closely was the cabinet itself.

“There weren’t pipes in that wall, the wood wasn’t ‘bleeding’ that same liquid, there was no trace of it in the wood frame, the attic was dry, the cabinet was the only place that made sense," she said.

“My brother got pliers and helped me pull the metal back to see if there was anything under where the metal sheets overlapped.”

Finally, the mystery was solved when several users on social media explained to Lexy that they had similar issues with their walls, stating it was actually rust.

Rust on a bathroom cabinet that looks like blood.
People on Instagram were disturbed by the bleeding walls. Source: Australscope/Jam Press

Lexy says she felt "relieved' when she found out the real cause of the "bloodstained” walls.

“It was explained to be that when condensation mixed with years of rust and no ventilation – my bathroom doesn’t have a fan – can cause rust in cold metal to liquefy; something I did not know before all this!”

The wall has been left with light pink staining but is otherwise fine.

Lexy had social media users hooked as she documented the investigation process.

She felt relieved to discover that the underlying cause wasn't so eerie after all, as did many social media users, who had been following the investigation.

Though some weren’t exactly convinced.

“Still doesn't rule out ghosts," one said.

"Well, I’m sticking around! Now we need to know if your bedroom is haunted," joked another user.

Australscope/Jam Press

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