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Warning to travellers after 'concerning' trend at Aussie airport

There has been an alarming trend spotted on the security conveyer belts at Adelaide Airport, with police making an urgent call to holidaymakers.

As many families make the most of the Easter school holidays, travelling both interstate and internationally, authorities have been forced to confiscate more and more weapons being packed inside luggage.

Left, one of the confiscated credit card knives can be seen, while on the right a bullet can be seen concealed within a transparent bag by police.
The AFP have confiscated a number of different weapons which were packed inside passengers luggage, with a notable increase in credit card knives. Source: Australian Federal Police

There have been 35 credit card knives found on passengers since November, with offenders facing a maximum penalty of $2500 fine or six months’ imprisonment.

“We have recently seen some disturbing and unacceptable behaviour across AFP-designated airports where travellers have shown complete disregard for fellow passengers and airline staff," AFP Sergeant Paul Everingham said.

Ammunition, spud guns and knuckle dusters are among the many items which have been seized at Aussie borders pre-flight, with police working closely with aviation partner to prioritise passenger safety.

Police remind public to behave responsibly during 'busy time'

Since the end of last year, the AFP reported 226 people were charged with 304 offences over several airports in Australia. The offences range from intoxicated behaviour to theft, as well as the possession of prohibited items.

“We are aware that high passenger volumes, combined with longer waiting periods, can lead to an increase in disruptive or anti-social behaviour," Sergeant Everingham continued, encouraging the public to be patient.

There are many items prohibited for air travel, including weapons and sharp-edged utensils, as well as household flammable goods.

Adelaide Airport Managing Director Brenton Cox anticipates April will be the busiest the airport has been since pre-COVID, citing the school holidays, alongside the AFL Gather Round and the LIV Golf tournament, as responsible.

“The AFP does a wonderful job keeping our customers safe and secure, and in return we hope travellers can do the right thing, remain patient and calm, and be respectful towards other airport users and staff,” he said.

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