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Police make 'unbelievable' find under couch in Perth home

Video shows a secret bunker in the home that stocked high-powered guns and even a shooting range.

A bunker equipped with high-powered guns, ammunition and a shooting range found under a Perth home has been the catalyst for changes in the state's gun laws.

The space was hidden underneath a couch which was attached to a hydraulic arm, concealing the bunker's entrance and its illegal contents. After a tip-off from a local, WA Police searched the residence in May last year.

The gun bunker was concealed by a couch.
A couch was attached to a hydraulic arm which acted as a trap door to the gun bunker. Source: WA Police via 7 News

WA Police confirmed to Yahoo News they charged the homeowner with several firearms charges, including possession of unlicensed ammunition, firearms, and bulletproof clothing. The home belonged to former professional boxer and boxing promoter David Letizia. He pleaded guilty to the charges and received a total of $2,600 in fines.

David Letizia, pictured left, and (right) the gun bunker filled with illegal weaponry found underneath a Perth home.
After a tip-off from a local resident, David Letizia's home was searched and the hidden gun bunker was discovered. Source: Facebook and WA Police/ 7 News

Changes in WA gun laws after bunker discovery

Premier Mark McGowan on Tuesday announced his government would ban "very high-powered" firearms capable of shooting over a long range and piercing armour plating.

More than 50 types of firearms and 19 calibres of ammunition will become illegal and a government buyback will be conducted.

Police Minister Paul Papalia said the bunker discovery showed the need to update the state's "outdated and weak" firearms laws.

"Unbelievably, the worst offence this individual has allegedly committed is failing to apply to the local council for approval to build the bunker and underground shooting range," he said.

"This person was a licensed firearms owner. Most of the weapons down there were licensed," he continued.

"Why he needed that many high-powered rifles in a secret underground shooting range is beyond me."

A total of 248 licensed firearms must be disposed by the deadline of 1st of July, and will be bought back at market value.

Owners will be required to show their firearm's licence, bank account details and proof of purchase when they surrender their guns to police stations.

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