Dog owners warned after 'absolutely devastating' roadside scene

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Shocking scenes from the side of a Queensland road have wildlife carers urging dog owners to be vigilant about securing their pets.

10 wallabies were killed by dogs over the Anzac Day long weekend in Cairns, found mauled to death by dogs that had escaped from backyards in the area.

Kim Sandford, the president of Wildlife Rescue Queensland told Yahoo News Australia the wallabies were found in people's yards in White Rock.

"The dogs are had actually gotten into people's yards and trapped the wallabies sort of within the fence line," she explained.

Dead wallabies on the side of the road in Whiterock, QLD.
The animals were found on the side of the road in Whiterock. Source: Facebook

"Which makes it a lot easier for the dogs to be able to round them up and [we] believe there was more than one dog."

Ms Sandford said they found seven wallabies one day, and a further two the next. Another wallaby — a pinkie — was so injured it had to be euthanised.

She said the Cairns Council is aware of the problem but can't do anything.

"They really need the proof, like photographic proof or video evidence or something like that to be able to take these dogs," she said.

"Normally it happens at night, and by morning, the dogs are back in the yard, and that's where they're supposed to be.

"So there's nothing they can do once they're back in the yard. We need the local community to keep an eye out for dogs."

Calls for people to be vigilant

Ms Sandford said everyone has a responsibility for the local fauna, whether or not they have a pet.

"There's a huge array of wildlife [in the area]," she explained. "Anybody that lives there and has animals has a responsibility to the wildlife in the area to make sure that their dogs are contained and their fencing is suitable for the dogs that they have."

She said that sometimes fences alone aren't enough to stop the dogs from getting out.

"They might have a fence but they might have a dog that jumps," she pointed out. "So that's obviously not suitable for that particular dog and that needs to be rectified."

Ms Sandford added drivers also need to be aware of their surroundings.

"They know that the animals are there, and they really need to slow down," she said.

"We also ask anyone in the White Rock area to please keep an eye out for any injured wallabies".

Ms Sandford said if anyone comes across injured wildlife contact the local rescue organisation immediately.

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