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Perth driver blasted over photo of dog in trailer

A Perth driver has been blasted on social media following pictures showing a dog sitting in a crowded trailer being towed behind a car on a WA road.

In the picture — which was posted on Sunday — the brown and white dog can be seen near the front of the trailer, underneath a mattress partially hanging over the top and surrounded by miscellaneous items.

"I’m sure there’s somewhere that says this isn’t ok?" an incredulous Facebook user wrote alongside the images.

"Dog in a trailer full of stuff, and going down the freeway? I know it’s only 80 along there, but WTF."

The brown and white dog sitting in the back of the trailer with a mattress over the top.
Several Facebook users said the dog looked 'sad'. Source: Facebook

Concerned users commented on the post, with many questioning the legality of transporting pets unsecured in the back of trailers.

"Just because they can put him/her in there doesn't mean they should," one outraged woman wrote.

"What would happen to the dog if an inattentive driver ran into it?"

"That dog looks so scared or sad," commented another.

"This is illegal and very unsafe for the dog," another wrote. "Quite disappointed in the driver as it is their responsibility to ensure its safety not just their own".

Transporting animals in a way that causes harm is prohibited

According to the RSPCA website, most states and territories in Australia specifically prohibit people from transporting dogs unrestrained on the back of utes or other open vehicles or trailers.

"Western Australian legislation does not specifically address the transportation of unrestrained dogs," the website reads. "However [the] Animal Welfare Act 2002 prohibits a person from transporting an animal in a way that is likely to cause that animal unnecessary harm."

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to RSPCA WA for comment.

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