Warehouse workers stunned by kangaroo office encounter: 'What's going on?'

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Workers were left hopping mad when they discovered a kangaroo trapped inside an Adelaide warehouse.

Staff turned up on Friday morning to discover the lost marsupial in the Richmond office with a joey in its pouch.

“I wasn’t expecting it, that’s for sure,” Warehouse Manager Andrew Hargreraves told Nine News.

A kangaroo and a man in an office
A warehouse worker got the shock of his life when his discovered a kangaroo in the office. Source: Nine News

“You know, it’s the sort of thing you see on the news which... here we are.”

Mr Hargreaves had been helping a customer and had popped out the back to grab their order when he came face-to-face with the confused roo.

She then followed him into the showroom and made herself at home in the office.

“I just thought, what is going on here? You know, where would this thing have come from?”

While Mr Hargreaves made sure she had some water and bread to eat, while Fauna Rescue was called in to help.

After getting a few kicks in, rescuers were able to move the kangaroo into a carrier bag.

Explaining the initial defensive behaviour, rescuer Simon Adamcyzk told Nine News that roos often get quite defensive when cornered in that situation.

A kangaroo is being placed in a carrier bag
The roo and her joey were carefully placed into a carrier bag by a local animal rescue group. Source: Nine News

It’s believed the kangaroo had become lost and was looking for food when she made her way into the city from nearby bushland.

The mother and joey were later released in scrubland at the top of Greenhill Road.

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