Mum's warning after waitress spills hot coffee on baby girl at café

A one-year-old girl has sustained a horrific burn on her back after two waitresses at a café collided, spilling hot black coffee all over the child.

Her mum shared her story with Tiny Hearts Education — a first-aid service for parents — with a warning for others, particularly those who might not be aware of the risks associated with dining out.

The Aussie mum explained that her daughter was sitting in a high chair inside a cafe when the staff members passed them, accidentally dropping a coffee.

Second degree burn on baby's back after coffee spill at café
The one-year-old sustained a second-degree burn on her back after a waitress spilled hot coffee on her. Source: Tiny Hearts Education

"Unfortunately, she sustained a second-degree burn on her back," the mum wrote in a message to Tiny Hearts.

"The cafe didn't appear to have anyone trained in first aid and could not offer a suitable place for me to treat the burn with running water."

She realised the staff "weren't able to assist" so immediately called triple-0. She was told to ask for jugs of cool water to run over the child's back until paramedics arrived.

Mum 'shocked' by ordeal

When the paramedics arrived, they were able to use a drip to treat the burn, the mum explained.

"I was pretty shocked to be in the position where I felt I couldn't treat/help my daughter, despite knowing what to do and having been first-aid trained myself," she said.

"Though it was an awful experience, I recognise that it could have been far worse if the injury/burn was more severe, or on a different part of her body."

A cafe interior.
The café staff weren't trained and were unable to help. Source: Getty

Warning for other parents

The mum urged others to be aware of what goes on in cafés.

"I often see café staff pass hot beverages over young children or leave them within arm's reach," she said.

Tiny Hearts said this is "such an eye-opening reminder that first aid training is a must-have" for parents because "we can't rely on someone else to know what to do in an emergency."

The Instagram post was flooded with comments for worried parents, some sharing their own experiences.

Social media reacts to common cafe act

"So scary — I am forever giving gentle reminders to café and restaurant staff that they shouldn’t put hot food or beverages in front of my little one or pass over her… I feel like it should be common sense?" one said.

"The amount of hot coffees or hot meals that staff place over the top of my baby/toddler to pass to us is insane," wrote another.

"We are constantly having to be ready for it to tell them not to do it and put it here instead etc. it’s very worrisome."

"I am sorry to hear this happened to you and your little one," a hospitality worker chimed in.

"I’ll make sure to remind my colleagues to be mindful with hot drink/food and little ones," they added.

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