Distraught mum's warning after danger she 'never thought about'

A distraught mum has shared her son's horrific burns caused by touching hot oven glass, something she said she's "never really thought about".

Mum-of-two Kaytlyn Stone, who lives in a rental property in Brisbane, said her eight-month-old son Jude "pulled himself up" while she turned her head for a minute, leaving him with burned and blistered hands. It was a scorching 200 degrees.

"While I was checking on my other son, Jude has pulled himself up on the outside of the oven. This all happened in the space of maybe 5 mins," the mum wrote on a post shared on the Tiny Hearts Education Instagram page.

"We acted straight away and had him in a tepid shower, and phoned an ambulance straight away."

The child burnt his hands on the hot oven door and ended up with blisters and burns all over his hands
The woman said she turned away for a few minutes when her son 'pulled himself up' onto the oven. Source: Instagram

A 'parent's worst nightmare'

"When it first happened all I could think was I need to get him into tepid water," Ms Stone told Yahoo News Australia.

"Obviously, we were concerned, shocked and upset but staying calm and helping Jude was our first priority."

Ms Stone said if she didn't act quickly, "his burns would have been so bad."

"This is obviously a parent's worst nightmare," she said.

The Brisbane mum, with many other parents, urged mums and dads to do a first aid course which will allow you to do the right thing in such situations.

"If you're not sure, you need to do first aid! Flush with cool to room temp water, raise the limb to avoid swelling and bandage, do not apply cream or ointment as it seals in heat," one person explained in the comments.

The young boy has bandages covering his hands after suffering burns from a hot oven
His bandages for the burns need to be replaced every couple of days, but the young boy is recovering. Source: Instagram

The ambulance arrived within 20 minutes and took Jude to Queensland Children’s Hospital.

Luckily, the young boy didn't need surgery on his hands with doctors apparently praising Ms Stone for her immediate first aid.

"They did all they needed to do under sedation. We just need to change the dressing every few days" she said. "He is continuing to recover".

Should ovens get hot on the outside?

Since the incident, Ms Stone has contacted her real estate agent who arranged for the oven to be assessed.

"It shouldn’t be getting that hot on the outside. It is now being replaced," she confirmed.

Many parents who saw the post weren't aware of how dangerous the outside of the oven can be.

"I didn't know ovens still got hot on the outside!! Ours doesn't get hotter than warm thank goodness," one said.

"Get a new oven if yours is this hot! Ours doesn't get hot on the outside," wrote another.

"It's quite dangerous in general if yours gets that hot. In-laws replaced theirs too because it got too hot."

Ms Stone urges parents to "know what's in your house" - appliances included.

"If you're renting ask for maintenance to be carried out," she told Yahoo.

"You can’t watch them 24/7 and accidents happen quicker than you think. We are all doing the best we can for our children. Knowledge is power."

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