Mum's plea after simple act leaves toddler in 'horrific' pain

A mum has shared a horrific photo of her young daughter suffering from a cold sore, urging parents to be careful about who touches their children.

Leah Green said when her daughter Sadie was 21 months old, she developed painful blisters and white spots and pus around and in her mouth as a result of a cold sore virus contracted after an adult kissed her on the lips.

"She got two small spots on her lip then spiked a temp of 39," the mum wrote in an Instagram post via Tiny Hearts Education.

A photo of Sadie's mouth showing it covered in sores in around around her mouth.
Sadie's mouth was covered in sores after an adult kissed her on the lips, her mum says. Source: Instagram/ Tiny Hearts Education

"Within hours the spots were spreading across her face and white spots formed in her mouth, which turned into this awful puss like stuff that was especially behind her teeth," she continued.

"The slightest touch would make the spots bleed and she would scream in agony."

'A waiting game' for sores to clear

Because the sores were so painful, Sadie was unable to eat or drink, resulting in weight loss and dehydration, Ms Green said.

"She was absolutely miserable and stuck to my hip for four days straight," she recalled.

"Just attempting to put her down made her scream".

Sadie's tongue was also covered in sores.
The mum is urging parents to be careful after her daughter suffered horrific sores. Source: Instagram/Tiny Hearts Education

Although a doctor prescribed cream for the spots on Sadie's lip, Ms Green said it "really was a waiting game" for it to clear up.

"Around the clock Panadol was the only thing helping," she said. "Being first time parents and seeing your child in so much pain was horrific.

"It was a very, very long three weeks so I hope I can help people by spreading awareness."

The mum urged people to be careful with their small children.

"Please please please DON'T kiss or let anyone kiss your babies," she said. "Doesn’t matter who they are or if you think they will be offended.

"Hurt their feelings and keep your babies safe".

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