Incredible moment mother gives birth in a golf buggy outside hospital

Incredible footage has emerged of the moment a pregnant woman gives birth in a golf buggy outside a Perth hospital.

Footage shows Sherilyn Holloway in the passenger seat of the buggy at Fiona Stanley Hospital in Murdoch, south of Perth, in Western Australia.

A hospital volunteer is seen running inside the emergency department to get help, while Ms Holloway's partner gets out of the back of the buggy to be by his wife who is seconds away from giving birth.

Sherilyn Holloway narrowly avoided giving birth on a footpath. Source: 7 News
The dramatic birth was captured on video. Source: 7 News

"[I] raced out and said, 'You're alright, people are coming, everything's fine', and she said, 'No, it's not', and bang, the baby is there," volunteer Doug Bignell said.

Ms Holloway and her baby boy were then wheeled inside the hospital after the dramatic birth.

"Not something you expect to have ... a completely random person be part of your birth story. He's amazing," Ms Holloway said.

Sherilyn Holloway gave birth inside a golf buggy. Source: 7 News

Mr Bignell found Ms Holloway on Thursday afternoon about to give birth on the footpath.

The 69-year-old raced Ms Holloway and her partner, Jason, to the emergency department.

"I was scanning for somewhere to lay down and then I saw Doug," Ms Holloway said.

Mr Bignell was given a proper introduction to the child named Phoenix John Glover-Lewis later on.

Doug Bignell helped Ms Holloway by getting her to the emergency department. Source: 7 News

Unplanned arrivals are not as uncommon as some may think.

On Wednesday another mum knew her baby was on the way but did not quite to make it Fiona Stanley Hospital. She gave birth on the backseat of a car.

Despite their birth plans not going exactly to plan, both mums were just relieved their express deliveries were uncomplicated.