Virgo Daily Horoscope – November 22 2019

Today, I picked you a card for your forecast … ask a question … and here is your answer!

You and your loved ones are safe

The message
There is a new start coming in your private life. This can be to do with moving house or be related to a member of your family (or even to a flatmate). Something is rising up to do with the people and places you hold dearest. If you’re hoping to move forwards with something special in your private life, this card comes to you as a message that you can do it. If you have been neglecting your family, it’s time to reconnect. And if you’ve been neglecting yourself, the answer to your question is that you need to take better care of and nurture yourself more. If your insecurity is holding you back, then that is something for you to work on now, when you pull this card. Doing so could bring your heart’s desire.
A recommendation based on this card
Make sure you put family first
Additional meanings for this card
·       It’s time to review your goals – have they changed?
·       Spending time near water will bring you peace and answers
·       A new cycle is starting for your child or children
·       Meditation will help you banish your insecurities
·       Let someone get a bit closer to you
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