Video captures five-metre snake stopping traffic on Queensland road

A massive scrub python stopped motorists in their tracks in Far North Queensland as it crossed a road “very slowly”.

The snake, estimated to be at least five metres in length, can be seen in footage inching across the bitumen as it made its way to Pandanus Park in the Cairns suburb of Holloways Beach around 6.10 on Friday morning.

Amber Campbell shared the clip of the enormous reptile online which she said was filmed by her husband Adam.

She wrote on Facebook: “Baronia Crescent had a big visitor heading into ‘mosquito park’ this morning, what a beauty!!”

Onlookers were impressed by the “monster” of a reptile.

One person can be heard saying in the video, “It’s gigantic… never seen one that big,”

Mrs Campbell’s husband filmed the huge snake slithering across the street on Friday morning. Source: Facebook


Mrs Campbell told Yahoo7 that her husband said the snake was “as thick as her leg” and “easily over 5m.

The park that it was going into has children’s playground, but lots of bush land around as well,” she explained. 

Facebook users were shocked by its sheer size, with one calling it a “an absolute whopper.”

“I won’t be sleeping for the next week,” one user said. 

But just as many were amazed by the reptile, with some describing the snake as a “gorgeous” and “beautiful serpent”. 

The scrub python was estimated to be at least five metres long. Source: Facebook