Victoria mother posts video of 'ghosts' hovering over her baby

A Victoria mother has posted a video of what she believes to be two ghostly spirits interacting with her baby.

The footage was captured by Judy Yates from Barongarook on her daughter Ruby’s baby monitor.

She posted it to Facebook commenting that she would not be sleeping very well that night.

Baby Ruby, with what her mother believes is the ghost of another baby hovering above her. Photo: Facebook/Judy Yates
Baby Ruby, with what her mother believes is the ghost of another baby hovering above her. Photo: Facebook/Judy Yates

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As the baby is curled up in her blanket, there appears to be a faint glow above her, which sways back and forth.

A few moments later, another larger shape moves along the side of the cot and hovers next to the first.

Ms Yates said she had not believed in ghosts until seeing the video.

She said the baby was “in her room with the door shut and know (sic) body in there, well so I thought”.

She told viewers to make up their own minds.

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