Vic woman walks free after drugs charges dropped
Vic woman walks free after drugs charges dropped

An Australian mother of six who faced the death penalty in Malaysia has vowed to never take her life for granted after a drug trafficking charge was sensationally dropped.

Emma Louise L'Aiguille, 34, was arrested with Nigerian man Anthony Esikalam Ndidi after police searched their car in downtown Kuala Lumpur on July 17 and allegedly found 1.005kg of methamphetamine.

Malaysia's Dangerous Drugs Act carries a mandatory death penalty for possession of 50g or more of methamphetamine.

Malaysian-based Australian lawyer Tania Scivetti, representing Ms L'Aiguille, argued the car did not belong to Ms L'Aiguille and she did not know there were any drugs in it, despite being in the driver's seat when arrested.

Ms L'Aiguille was freed following the brief Kuala Lumpur court hearing in which the defence team's arguments were accepted.

She told Seven News reporter Laurel Irving the first things she plans to enjoy is a hot shower and her freedom.

"I will not take things for granted - life and freedom," she said.

The Melbourne-based nurse, who was born and raised in Western Australia, said her biggest mistake was trusting the wrong people.

"I'm angry at myself for being stupid," she said. "I should have been more wise."

Ms L'Aiguille's father, Wayne Walton, threw his arms around his daughter as she emerged from court sobbing with relief.

"We thought we may never see her again," he said, wiping away tears of joy.

"It's been really hard.

"I hope she realises her mistake and goes on the right path now."

Emma L'Aiguille hugs her dad after walking free from Malaysian court. Photo: @laurelirving7

Meanwhile, tears flowed as Ms L'Aiguille's mother, Amanda Innes, and sister, Amber Lawn, were delivered the good news over the phone.

"It's over...we can move on now," Ms Innes said.

"When I see her I'm going to give her a big hug, tell her 'I love her' and tell her we're never letting her go."

Ms Lawn said it was a huge relief for the family after four months of 'hell'.

"It's been an emotional roller coaster. One minute you're up and the next you're down, but I thought if we're going through this, what is she going through over there in that prison?"

"We have taken one day at a time, but it's all over now and we just want to get her home," Ms Innes added.

Outside court, Ms L'Aiguille's lawyer said her client was ecstatic and did not expect to be released.

"I said to Emma on Thursday in prison, `There's a really good chance of you coming out,' and she said, `I don't believe it.'

"She said, `I'm never going to get out.'"

Emma L'Aiguille's family celebrate her release in Malaysia. Photo: 7News

Her freedom comes with three conditions: that she attend all hearings for Ndidi, expected early next year; that she co-operate with police if they require additional statements during those proceedings; and that she remain in Malaysia unless prior permission is granted for her to travel.

Ms Scivetti said it had been a very hard four months in custody for Ms L'Aiguille, who was originally from Melbourne but most recently worked as an aged care nurse in Perth.

She had consistently maintained her innocence.

"She was in the wrong place at the wrong time," Ms Scivetti said.

Ms L'Aiguille's Nigerian boyfriend jumped out of the car shortly before the arrests and remains on the run.

Ms Scivetti said the defence team would keep a close eye on Ndidi's proceedings to ensure Ms L'Aiguille was not implicated.

The women would celebrate the victory with a drink on Friday night, the lawyer said.

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