Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has hit Melbourne for a whirlwind publicity blitz.

The 31-year-old American beauty, who is in town to spruik weight-loss product QuickTrim, admits she works hard for her body and that bodacious behind.

"It's hard for me, I struggle just like everybody else. I love food."

A role model to young girls and women across the globe, Ms Kardashian says she often feels under pressure to look good.

"If you see photographs and you're not looking or feeling your best then you want to work a little bit harder," she said.

A healthy eating plan and plenty of exercise, Ms Kardashian says, is key to her enviable slim waist and famous curves.

But it may take some convincing before the starlet introduces local Aussie delicacies to her diet, as our reporter Dean Felton discovered.

Weetbix and Tims Tams got the Kardashian seal of approval, but unfortunately our much-loved Vegemite won't end up in her pantry.

"I'd rather stick with the Tim Tams," she said. "I'll leave the Vegemite with you," she said.

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