Vegan activist dressed as cow 'mourns meat' in supermarket aisle

A vegan dressed in a cow onesie has taken to the meat aisle in a supermarket to make a statement about animal rights.

The woman, believed to be acting on behalf of vegan group Direct Action Everywhere, was filmed in costume inside a Woolworths store in Perth.

She was seen kneeling down in front of the chilled sausages, before picking up a package and staring at the $6 product for a short period.

A vegan dressed in a cow onesie performed activism in a Woolworths store. Source: Facebook/Stef Rose

Ms Rose then placed the packet down and directed her gaze to the rest of the wall of red meat, appearing to express sadness at the sight.

A nearby employee could be seen in the background ignoring the woman and continuing to pile packages into the fridge just metres away.

The woman then takes a laying down position, and holds a sign saying “you’ve been lied to”, directing people to animal rights documentary Dominion.

The woman was seen gazing at the fridge before laying down in front of it holding a sign. Source: Facebook/Stef Rose

Supermarket staff asked the woman to leave the store, according to 7News.

The same group is accused of trespassing on and stealing from farms in Nambeelup, Hopeland, West Pinjarra, Benger and Mundijong in August and February.

Founder and leader James Warden last week faced court accused of trespass and stealing a calf worth $1500.

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