New feature that could silence one of Uber's most annoying problems

Have you ever got into an Uber and wanted a little bit of peace and quiet?

Well soon Australians may be able to request that luxury – but it will cost you.

“Quiet mode” launched in the US in May and has quickly become one of the ride-sharing app’s most talked-about features.

Premium extras like luxury vehicles, longer wait times and help with luggage are add-ons passengers are willing to pay for and now they can pay for less driver interaction. Source: Getty

Riders are able to request silence in a non-confrontational way with the touch of a button, so much so that they are willing to pay extra to avoid verbally asking the driver for less small talk.

Uber Australia has been quietly testing the no-talking option since late June within the Uber Premium feature – a service where riders enjoy experienced, highly-rated drivers in a luxury vehicle with preferences such as help with your luggage and a preferred temperature.

And “quiet mode” is included in this feature for an extra fee – but the cost varies depending on how far you’re travelling.

Riders will no be able to request 'quiet mode' without having to say a word to the driver. Source: Getty

An Uber spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia ‘Premium’ was the best option if you want to multitask on your next ride.

“If you know you’ve got work emails to catch up on its best to book Premium and opt for quiet mode,” the spokesperson said.

While the feature is a welcome option for those willing to pay for silence, riders can still simply explain to a driver they prefer quiet time once they get into a vehicle.

Regardless of how riders chose to request some serenity, Uber recommends customers still use basic manners to maintain a positive rating.

“Courtesy is important and it’s still nice to say, ‘hi’,” the spokesperson said.

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