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Aussie travellers fume after Etihad refuses to honour $336 flights to Europe

Aussies are demanding Etihad Airways honour their fares after a 'glitch' on the website created exceptionally cheap flights.

Starting from Thursday, several Australian travellers thought they managed to bag $336 Sydney to Berlin flights — usually at least $2600 — however it was too good to be true.

According to NCA Newswire, Etihad Airways sent out emails to the impacted customers on Sunday night.

Photo of an Etihad Airways plane.
Etihad Airways has cancelled incredibly cheap flights from Sydney to Berlin that dozens of Aussies already bought, due to a third-party site error. Source: Getty Images

“A number of tickets on Etihad flights were sold incorrectly due to a glitch in a data system supplied by a third party,” the email reportedly read.

“Whilst the correct price was shown in the initial booking process at the time of payment, you were only asked to pay the taxes which was charged to your credit card."

The flights were bought through Scottish third-party agency Skyscanner, which allows people to compare flights.

Etihad detailed in the email to customers that they would be getting refunds.

“We are working through bookings made and will be cancelling tickets issued and refund the amount you actually paid for the taxes back to your credit card," the airline wrote.

“We welcome you to make a new booking at the correct fare that should have been collected at the time of booking.”

Customers react to cancelled fares

For some, the seemingly affordable flight would've been a chance to see family, which might not happen now.

“Having not seen my family since 2019, missed three funerals and three births in the family – this was finally my chance to go home,” one customer told NCA Newswire.

“Flights have been so unaffordable recently so this was a dream come true … which now unfortunately due to Etihad’s decision to not honour these flights is not going to happen.”

People also took to social media to share their thoughts.

"It should be up to Skyscanner to honour the tickets and pay the difference," one person said on Facebook. "They are the ones that advertised and sold the tickets at that price."

"C’mon Etihad, haven’t ya heard of the cost of living crisis? Honour the $300 return flights to Berlin," another said on Twitter.

"What did people expect them to do? Honour it for as low as $300+?" a third said on social media.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Etihad for comment.

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