Tourists stunned by 'crazy' price of Aussie pantry staple in overseas supermarket

Married couple Mark and Nadine appeared to put the Heinz beans tin back on the shelf. Would you?

TikToker Mark showing a surprised face, and right the Heinz baked beans proced at 420 Thai baht.
Mark appeared stunned after working out the cost of a tin of baked beans in Thailand. Source: TikTok

Tourists travelling abroad often crave a taste of home, but one couple in Thailand were left wondering how much is too much to spend on home comforts after they spotted a can of Heinz baked beans in a local supermarket.

Married couple Mark and Nadine, who are from the UK and Ireland but live in Australia, travelled to Thailand to enjoy the warmer climate like many at the moment, and were buying groceries when they came across the tin, which is a popular brand in the UK and Ireland, as well as Australia. Despite the familiar brand being a welcomed sight far away from home, the price raised eyebrows.

"You want your Heinz beans in Thailand?" Nadine asked, holding up the tin in footage shared to social media. "Only 420 bhat."

The couple tried to do the maths and convert the price to Australian dollars. They quickly realised it was close to $20.

"20 Australian dollars for a f**king can of beans," Mark said.

The couple called the price "crazy" but the video pulled into question how much home comforts are really worth to people while travelling, and whether you should buy them at all.

Online some suggested tourists should "eat locally" rather than splash out on something imported, which always costs more in international countries due to distribution and transport costs. The couple acknowledged this but said the "markup" in the local supermarket was considerable. "We know imported things are more expensive," the couple confirmed.

According to the conversion rate between the AUD and Thai Baht on Wednesday, the price of the Heinz beans in the local supermarket would set the couple back $17, a 600 per cent increase in price when compared to the $2.80 price tag for a tin of Heinz beans in Woolworths and Coles.

Last year a packet of Tim Tams was spotted in the US for $8.59 USD which equated to $13.65 in Australian dollars, and Aussies were outraged such a beloved brand was priced so high, despite acknowledging import costs.

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