Freddo Frog from overseas has Aussie expat ‘outraged’

The Cadbury family favourite has Aussies in stitches over the international design.

An Australian expat living in Canada has shared his shock at the design of a Freddo Frog that was purchased by a friend.

The Aussie said a friend gave him the beloved frog-shaped Cadbury chocolate bar from a shop in the United Kingdom. The image of the chocolate had people criticising the design, with many commenting that it looked like Freddo was trapped in a ‘coffin’.

A picture of the Freddo Frog UK chocolate bar. Source: Reddit
The UK Freddo Frog chocolate bar has many Australians outraged. Source: Reddit

“I live in Canada. My friend gave me a Freddo Frog from a UK shop. What the f*** is this thing,” the expat wrote on Reddit.

There are a number of differences between the Australian and UK tasty treat. In the UK version, Freddo appears with a border around the body while Australian Freddo has no border.

The UK Freddo Frog (left) has a distinctly different look from Australia's design (right).
The UK Freddo Frog (left) has a distinctly different look from Australia's design (right).

Reddit users had hilarious reactions to the difference in design.

“Since when were Freddo Frogs shaped like they're stuck in a coffin?” one concerned Aussie commented.

“That's a bloody outrage!” said another of the design differences.

One explained how the UK and Australian treats differ.

“That’s not how they are down here,” they explained. “It’s pretty much that, but without the tombstone.”

In the UK, Freddo has often been a national talking point and has even been used as a gauge to calculate inflation, known as the Freddo Index.

In 2019, Full Fact calculated the price of Freddos has risen five times faster than inflation.

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