Major change to Cadbury Favourites divides Aussie chocolate lovers: 'Can't stand it'

The ever-popular assortment has undergone a major update that has split the nation.

A recent change to classic packs of Cadbury Favourites has sparked a heated debate among Aussie chocolate lovers, and has now drawn a response from the iconic brand.

An eagle-eyed shopper spotted an alteration to the popular assortment, sharing a picture on Reddit of old and new boxes. "Dream and Flake now replaced with Caramilk and Twirl," she wrote alongside the image.

Old and new Cadbury Favourites boxes
Cadbury Favourites packaging reveals that Flake and Dream bars have been replaced by Caramilk and Twirl. Image: Reddit/milkandvaseline

'Can they stop?'

A number of people expressed their disappointment with the switch. "Nooo, Twirl doesn't taste as good as Flake," wrote one disappointed user. "Flake has a better texture. Twirl just doesn't hit the same way. But I'm more disappointed in losing Dream," added a second.

"Can they stop with the Caramilk please?" someone else pleaded, while another agreed: "I can't stand it. It's white chocolate with fake caramel flavouring. I much prefer regular white chocolate. Not buying 'Favourites' until Dream is back."

Someone else demanded answers from the chocolate manufacturer, stating: "Replacing Dream for Caramilk? Is this what we wanted, truly? Show me the data, Cadbury!"

Old and new Cadbury Favourites boxes
Chocolate lovers are debating whether the old version of Cadbury Favourites, pictured on the left, is better than the new version. Source: Cadbury

'Great improvement'

Meanwhile, others were elated to see the change, with many arguing that Dream is outdated and Twirl is simply an upgraded version of Flake.

"Good riddance to Dream. Great improvement," one person wrote. "Twirl is just a more structurally-sound version of Flake. Definitely an improvement IMO," commented another. "Replacing two of the lesser chocolates with superior options? Oh no!" someone else responded sarcastically.

Cadbury weighs in

According to a Cadbury spokesperson, the change has been driven by consumer demand, as the brand regularly reviews the range to ensure the Favourites box is reflective of Australia's most-loved flavours.

"Caramilk and Twirl are among our most popular products and rightfully deserve their place in the Cadbury Favourites line-up," the spokesperson told Yahoo News. "Dream and Flake fans shouldn't fear, both remain widely available in bar and share-bag formats."

Apart from the switch to Caramilk and Twirl, the other bars in a box of Cadbury Favourites remain Crunchie, Cherry Ripe, Picnic, Boost, Moro, Turkish Delight, Caramello, Dairy Milk and Old Gold.

'Ever-shrinking sizes'

Along with the change of chocolate bars in the Favourites box comes a reduction in the product's size, as it's decreased from 570 grams to 520 grams.

One Redditor suggested the switching of chocolates in the pack could be a diversionary tactic employed by Cadbury. "They have to do something to take the attention away from the ever-shrinking sizes," the user wrote, while another branded Cadbury the "lords of shrinkflation".

The term "shrinkflation" describes the phenomenon of shrinking portion sizes that cost the same or more than before. This appears to be the case with Cadbury Favourites, as the Big W website is still advertising the 570g box for $22, which is the same price as the new 520g box now advertised on the Woolworths site.

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