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Expat blasts Aussie snacks: 'Rather suck on sandpaper'

Canadian expat Ioana has damned some of Australia's most beloved snacks.

A Canadian expat self-admittedly chose violence when she uploaded a TikTok video shaming popular Aussie snacks, claiming they were all not worth their hype.

After living in the country for nearly seven years, Ioana claimed she was well within her right to share her candid opinions, free of nostalgic bias, but pleaded for people "not to get mad" at her. "These are Aussie snacks I would not touch with a 10-foot pole," she said, before launching into her attack.

Left, Ioana can be seen in the video talking about the Aussie snacks while wearing glasses with her hair pulled up. Left, she can be seen smiling at a koala in her arms.
Canadian expat Ioana shared her 'controversial' opinions on popular Aussie snacks in a TikTok video. Source: TikTok and Instagram/ioanaonthecoast

Aussie snacks disapproved by Canadian expat

The first snack in the firing line was Smith's Burger Rings, a corn-based chip that allows consumers to experience the beloved barbecue flavour on-the-go. Despite being an Aussie staple, the Canadian started with a vengeance and shared her brutal thoughts.

"Burger rings are a crime to tastebuds everywhere," she said. "They don't even taste like burgers, they taste like sadness."

Left, image of bag of Burger Rings and right, Arnott's TeeVee chocolate biscuits box.
Popular snacks Burger Rings and Arnott's TeeVee chocolate biscuits were quickly discredited by the Canadian. Source: Smith's and Arnott's

Without pause for breath, she shared her opinion on the next product, which wasn't any less divisive than the first. Three pictures of chocolate biscuits, made by our very own Arnott's, flashed on the screen.

"I would rather go to Bunnings and suck on sandpaper than eat these again," she shared, pointing to a TeeVee snack box. "You're all wrong [about these]."

Arnott's Chicken Crimpy shapes were also labelled as disappointing, with the Canadian believing they "taste like nothing".

Even one of the most globally recognisable chocolate manufacturers made the list, with Cadbury's strawberry flavoured Freddos and Caramilk bar branded as a solid "no" for Ioana. "Jail. Immediate jail!" she announced.

Left, packet of Cadbury strawberry Freddo and right, Cadbury Caramilk bar.
Even popular Cadbury chocolate products didn't pass the taste test according to Ioana. Source: Cadbury

Social media respond: 'Controversial'

The videos comment section was overflowing with responses, with Aussies sharing their opinion on Ioana's hot take. "You don't have Aussie tastebuds. They all rock," one woman wrote, with another declaring: "What!? You named all the good things!"

"Nah, you've too far gone!" one man responded, with the official TikTok account for Shapes replying, "Agreed". However, others jumped to her defence, believing her opinions may not be as wacky as some were making them out to be. "I'm Australian and I agree with everything," one viewer admitted.

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