British expat slams 'boring' Aussie hotspot: 'No one wants to have fun'

The Aussie sunshine and laid back life haven’t been enough to capture the heart of one British expat who’s taken to TikTok to unleash her pet peeves about the land down under.

The woman, known only online as glasbyj, told viewers that she thought moving to the Sunshine Coast “would be like Europe”.

But four years on she’s been left unimpressed while living in Peregian Beach and working in Noosa, one of the most popular beachside towns in the country.

“Everywhere is closed by 8pm,” she complained, adding that it’s also “not acceptable to walk around in bikinis”.

The British woman.
The British woman claimed that 'no one wants to have fun' on the Sunshine Coast. Source: TikTok

Up next in her firing line was “no night life” with “no eating out past 7pm”. She then moved onto our aquatic activities with “no open sea boat trips” and “no beach bars”.

To cap off her list of all the things she thinks the Sunshine Coast is missing, she added that “no one wants to have fun".

'No coffee past 2pm'

The clip, which has since been viewed more than 228,500 times, has sparked division online with many TikTokers agreeing with the young Brit.

“The Sunshine Coast is a retirement village,” one person wrote. “Not to mention no coffee past two in the arvo,” said another.

“Grocery stores closing at 5 on Sundays really gets me,” someone else added. “It’s like going back 20 years,” another said.

While others suggested that she simply picked the wrong destination.

“You chose the wrong coast, you were meant to go to the Gold Coast,” one person wrote. “Should have gone to Brissy,” said another.

But some were steadfast that the Sunshine Coast was the best spot in Australia.

“I grew up there,” one woman wrote. “Bikinis and thongs are absolutely accepted everywhere.”

“Sorry what?” another said. “Noosa has grown so much over the past years. Noosa Heads is full of young people.”

“I think this may be a slight exaggeration,” someone added.

The young woman.
The young woman hinted that she would be leaving the Sunshine Coast with the caption 'time for the next adventure.' Source: TikTok

Others leapt on a hint the woman had left in the caption that it was “time for the next adventure”.

“Well goodbye thanks for visiting,” one person wrote. “Bye we are too packed here anyway,” said another.

It’s not the first time an ex-pat has taken aim at the Aussie way of life on TikTok with one American woman sharing her biggest culture shocks since moving to Melbourne. Among her grievances was the shortening of words and how often Aussies say the word “keen.”

While another American was taken aback by how “vulnerable and affectionate” people are in her adopted homeland.

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