American expat reveals most 'shocking' Aussie habits: 'WTF'

An American woman living in Australia has revealed the biggest culture shocks she’s experienced since moving from California to Melbourne.

Tate Duane, who has almost 50,000 followers on TikTok, listed the things that have shocked her the most since moving to Australia several weeks ago – and her answers have left viewers divided.

The first on the list – titled 'WTF Australia??!' – is driving on the left side of the road.

“For some reason, living here (and) watching people drive stresses me out,” Ms Duane says.

Tate Duane speaks to the camera on TikTok to explain what Australian habits she found most shocking
Tate Duane revealed her biggest culture shocks since moving to Australia a few weeks ago. Source: TikTok/tatesescape

“Especially left turns. And no right [turn] on red? Come on.”

The American was also in disbelief over the Aussie habit of shortening words.

“Even words that don’t need to be shortened!” she said, explaining that at her work a customer asked for “two caps” – meaning cappuccinos – but she misinterpreted and handed her two cups instead.

Ms Duane also noted how Australians love the word ‘keen’.

“You guys say keen so much and I think it’s so funny. Like when people text ‘KEEEEEEEN’ in all caps when they’re really excited for that is so funny to me,” she said, adding no-one in America uses that word.

Other ‘strange’ Australianisms that made her list include:

  • Aussie tradies being young

  • Asian food being really good, Mexican food being really bad

  • How Australians love techno music and drill rap

  • The fact that there are no squirrels here

  • The casual use of the ‘C’ word

The TikTok video gained more than 260,000 views in one day, with plenty of Aussies feeling the need to dissect her opinions.

“Lol babes we can’t turn right on red we’ll die but some intersections in my state have LEFT turn on red after stopping,” one woman wrote.

“What we lack in squirrels we make up for in possums,” another added.

Tate Duane poses in front of a mural in St Kilda, Victoria (left) and eats a sausage in bread (right)
Ms Duane moved to Melbourne from California and was shocked by some of the differences between Australia and the US. Source: Instagram/Tate Duane

“Yeah we're pretty far from Mexico,” one person said, explaining why Mexican food in Australia doesn’t compare to the US.

“Everyone’s so young in trades in Aus because the government pays for their apprenticeship and tafe,” another wrote.

“The C word still makes me grate my teeth I still can’t get my head around it and I’ve lived here my whole life,” one woman wrote, to which Ms Duane added that her “jaw dropped” the first time she heard it being used so casually.

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