American savaged for bizarre act on Aussie beach: 'Shook'

An American has been roasted on TikTok after his girlfriend posted a video of his bizarre act during a trip to an Australian beach.

In the TikTok the woman, with the username @arte.blythe, showed herself sitting in a car cringing before cutting to her boyfriend standing on the sand.

Topless and wearing a hat and board shorts, the boyfriend seem to blend in perfectly with the scenery. However, the man is also seen wearing socks while standing on the sand.

"My boyfriend committed an Australian crime today," the woman captioned the video.

A woman cringes as she shares a video of her boyfriend wearing socks on the sand.
The girlfriend revealed her American boyfriend wore socks on the sand. Source: TikTok/arte.blythe

People were shocked by the American's beach act, savaging him in the comments.

"Her family needs to have an intervention, you need some pluggas. Most Aussies would have left you at the beach," one commented.

"That's weird," another said alongside a shocked emoji.

"Gotta throw the boyfriend away now," a third added.


Another follower said they were "shook" by the act, while somebody suggested he should be immediately banned from the beach for 12 months.

Another said to the girlfriend, "I'm so sorry this happened to you", to which she responded, "Don't even know what to think anymore".

US TikToker reveals 'culture shocks'

It comes after a US TikToker revealed the 'culture shocks' she had after moving to Australia.

23-year-old teacher Kaymie Wuerfel said she got a ‘culture shock’ after her move Down Under after she heard terms such as ‘chucking a sickie’ and ‘Slip-Slop-Slap’.

In one video she reveals she was asked by one of the kids for a Zooper Dooper, with the teacher looking confused as she tried to figure out what it was.

The teacher in a TikTok.
She had no idea what a Zooper Dooper was. Photo: TikTok/@kayywuerf

In another, she explains how she was on ‘yard duty’ one day when a child said to her: “Mary won’t share her Fairy Bread”.

A third video shows Kaymie revealing her horror the first time she heard one of the other teachers ask the students to bring ‘thongs’ to school.

The US teacher’s videos are part of a growing trend on TikTok of people revealing the biggest culture shocks they experience moving overseas.

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