US TikToker living in Sydney reveals 'Aussie versions' of brands

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What is Burger King called in Australia? It’s a question plenty of users are discussing now, thanks to one woman’s viral TikTok.

The clip comes from a user named Sophia (@sophiainsydney), an American who now lives in Sydney. In her video, she explained what she thinks are the “Aussie versions” of famous American brands.

Sophia’s TikTok is actually part of a much larger trend in which users share the “culture shocks” they experienced after moving abroad. 

Those viral clips include a British man sharing the weirdest thing about American restaurants, an American discovering what “chips and salsa” means in Italy and a teacher from the US learning Australia’s most off-putting slang terms.

There is a slight difference in Sophia’s clip, though. For the most part, her video simply shares her opinion of which Australian brands resemble popular companies in the US. 

Sophia in the TikTok.
Sophia’s TikTok is actually part of a much larger trend in which users share the “culture shocks” they experienced after moving abroad. Source: TikTok/Sophiainsydney

Still, her explanation has thousands of TikTokers talking.

“Here are some Australian brands that are the equivalent of American brands, in my opinion,” Sophia says at the start of her clip.

The TikToker goes on to explain the difference between David Jones and MYER, which she says are like the Aussie versions of Nordstrom and Macy’s, respectively.

She goes on to explain what she sees as the Australian equivalent of Best Buy (JB Hi-Fi) and CVS (Chemist Warehouse).

She also adds a fun fact about Burger King, which is called Hungry Jack’s in Australia. 

As opposed to Sophia’s other comparisons, that one isn’t subjective — they’re actually the same restaurant. In fact, Australia is the only country in which Burger King goes by a totally different name. 

Countries like France and Japan, where the chain is also popular, tend to just go by “Burger King France” or Burger King Japan.”

All of Sophia’s opinions sparked a reaction online. Some Australian TikTokers chimed in to show their support.

“Myer is so much like Macy’s,” one user wrote.

“I agree with those,” another wrote.

“I thought this as well when I was over there,” another added.

Many Americans, meanwhile, seemed confused to learn that similar chains existed.

“What are those places?" one user wrote.


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