Aussie reveals bizarre American supermarket finds: 'Is this real?'

An Aussie travelling abroad has taken social media by storm this week after a TikTok of her exploring a popular US supermarket went viral.

TikTok user @therealelwoods posted the short video to her channel on Thursday, telling her 45,000 followers: “I have so many questions.”

The 15-second clip shows the Sydney local exploring a Walmart store and revealing how dramatically it differs from Australian grocery retailers.

“Things in an American supermarket which don’t make sense, from an Australian,” she writes in the video.

Stills from TikTok showing woman in US supermarket Walmart
The Aussie woman was shocked by what she discovered at a US supermarket. Source: TikTok/@therealelwoods

The first thing she shows her followers is a cabinet displaying rifles for sale in the store’s sporting goods section.

Secondly, the TikToker makes her way to a cubicle in the middle of the store, telling her followers “there’s a tax agent here.”

Next, she shows a large bottle of cheese puffs to the camera, which is larger than her head.

“Everything is sold in big packages,” she writes.

The video then pans to the confused Aussie visiting the middle of the store, where she tells her followers that “liquor is just sold in the middle of the store.”

Stills from TikTok video showing woman at Walmart. Source: TikTok/@therealelwoods
The TikToker shared her surprise at Walmart's offerings. Source: TikTok/@therealelwoods

She then visits another part of the large-scale Walmart, showing viewers that a vaccination clinic is also operational inside the supermarket.

Finally, she makes her way to the food section of the store, telling viewers that “there are only two tables of fresh produce.”

The video is a hit with TikTok users, earning almost a million views and 140,000 likes in a matter of days.

TikTok reacts to supermarket video: ‘Is this real?’

The viral clip has earned thousands of comments from Australian and American TikTok users.

“I never realised how fresh our produce looked at Woolworths until I went to the US,” wrote one Australian.

“Wait, I thought the whole ‘guns being sold in Walmart’ thing was a joke, but it’s real?,” commented another.

“The biggest question I have is where is the Vegemite?” asked a third.

“Plus taxes are applied at the register so you never know the definitive cost of anything,” added a fourth.

American TikTok users have also taken to the comments section to add their view on the woman’s Walmart tour.

“I’ll say that our Target is a lot better than Walmart,” wrote one American.

“Is this not normal in Australia?” said another.

“I knew you were Australian by your shoes,” joked a third.

“You’re lucky I’m even wearing shoes,” retorted the Aussie TikToker.

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