Woolworths shopper shocked by hidden trolley feature: 'Never Knew'

A Woolworths shopper shared her astonishment on TikTok when she discovered a "secret" feature on her supermarket trolley.

TikTok user @mikhaelapaiges was understandably excited when she noticed her Woolies trolley featured a sneaky brake lever behind the back wheel.

The stunned shopper hilariously captioned the video: “Umm, since when? I think I’ve been living under a rock for the past 26 years”.

Woolworths trolley brake shown in TikTok video
A Woolworths shopper was understandably excited when she noticed a hidden feature on her supermarket trolley. Source: TikTok/@mikhaelapaiges

“I was 26 years old when I realised Woolworths trolleys have a brake,” the shopper jokes in the video, while showing users how the brake works.

The trolley brake is activated when shoppers step on the lever, meaning you can wave goodbye to the days of unruly trolleys rolling away with your groceries.

To release the brake, the shopper uses her foot to lift the lever up again to activate the wheels.

‘Never knew!’: TikTok users unaware of little-known trolley feature

The minds of several TikTok users were collectively blown by the video, as they flocked to the comments to voice their bewilderment at the brake feature.

“Never knew! I will be looking next time,” wrote one commentator.

“Only some shops have them, not all, but I think all trolley's should have them,” another user pointed out.

While a third joked: “Not in my town. They just hit the car.”

Woolworths shopping trolleys lined up outside supermarket
Woolworths shoppers were stunned to discover trolley brakes on TikTok. Source: AAP

It is understood that only some of Woolworths’ trolleys are fitted with the safety brake feature. The brakes are fitted on trolleys for stores that have sloping car parks and on trolley models designed to place two children inside the trolley seat.

‘Good idea!’: Woolworths shoppers applaud new trolley feature

Meanwhile, it’s not the first time TikTok users have discovered hidden features on supermarket trolleys.

A TikTok video showing a new Covid-safe technology being implemented in Woolworths stores went viral last year.

The 14-second video, posted by TikTok user @shereenchadoud, is captioned: “Thank you Woolworths for looking after us”.

“You can now disinfect your trolley at Woolworths Bankstown,” a voiceover in the video says.

The Woolworths trolley device TikTok video has earned almost 134,000 likes and thousands of comments. Source: TikTok/@shereenchadoud
The Woolworths trolley device TikTok video has earned almost 134,000 likes and thousands of comments. Source: TikTok/@shereenchadoud

The video shows a woman pushing her trolley into a large green unit and pressing a button to begin the disinfection process, which takes five seconds, according to a sign shown on the unit.

TikTok users from around the globe have applauded the innovative new feature, with many saying it is a “good idea” from Woolies.

“I wanna go there and try it,” said one person.

“They should have this everywhere,” wrote another.

A Woolworths spokesperson confirmed that the units have been popular with customers and were being trialled in six stores across Greater Sydney.

“The units have been very popular with our customers, helping start their Covid-safe shop with extra confidence,” they said.

“We're always looking for ways to make the in-store customer experience more convenient, and will closely monitor customer feedback on the trial over the coming weeks.”

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