Expat TikToker reveals her biggest Australian culture shocks

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An American woman living in Australia has revealed some of the biggest cultures shocks she’s received since moving down under.

Hannah Shuman, who appears to be living in Sydney, posted a TikTok about her experiences on Thursday, raking in more than 8,000 views.

“That first time ordering fast food really traumatised me,” Ms Shuman captioned the funny video.

Ms Shuman in the funny video. Source: TikTok/@beachbabytravels
“That first time ordering fast food really traumatised me,” Ms Shuman captioned the funny video. Source: TikTok/@beachbabytravels

The young expat begins the clip with her pretending to order fast food.

“Can I get that to go?” she says.

“To what?” the fast food ‘worker’ responds.

“You know, to go?” she says.

“Takeaway?” the staffer responds.

Ms Shuman also poked fun at the fact most fast-food chains charge for tomato sauce, which she of course calls ketchup.

Other culture shocks she says she encountered was trying to order a light beer, her roommates’ reaction upon meeting them, the loud noise that signals for pedestrians to cross city roads and using the tap and go feature for bank cards.

Video comparing Target and Kmart goes viral

Ms Shuman’s TikTok videos about her life in Australia have gone viral in recent months, with one triggering a frenzy among residents.

The expat posted about her trip to Target in April and how it compares to the chain in the US.

The video was quickly inundated with comments from outraged Aussies, who insisted Kmart is the most beloved of the two.

The surprisingly large response prompted the Ms Shuman to head to Kmart last week.

Despite enjoying Kmart’s “very wide selection” of products, she said she still prefers to shop at Target.

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