Tourists charged with obscenity after skinny dipping in Rome fountain

Six tourists have been charged with obscenity after being caught skinny dipping in the fountain of Naiads in Rome city centre.

The whole incident was caught on camera by passers-by who described the incident as 'hugely entertaining' and said it 'looked like an orgy in Ancient Rome'.

The four men and two women, from the UK, will now face trial for an obscene act in a public place in Italy which can carry a three year prison sentence in Italy, reports Mail Online.

The tourists were filmed skinny dipping in the fountain in Rome city centre. Photo: Mail Online/ YouTube

The accused group includes the company director of a top environmental firm and they were staying at the Hotel Quirinale and were celebrating their last night in the city.

The footage shows the co-workers laughing and joking as they messed around in the tourist hotspot.

But it didn't take long for police arrive and stop their fun once the filming started.

The group were reportedly enjoying their last night in Rome. Photo: Mail Online/ YouTube

Mail Online reports that as the group's night came to an end one of the men stripped off and began wading into the fountain.

Other members of his group then followed suit including two women who retained their modesty by keeping on their underwear.

Another bystander reportedly said: "They were there for about half-an-hour singing and shouting.

The fountain in Rome city centre. Photo: Google

"At first there was hardly anyone around but by the time the police came there was a crowd of people filming them and taking pictures."

The group were issued with fines of $273 and taken to the local police station to be charged.

They have reportedly appointed a lawyer and face trial for carrying out an obscene act in a public place.

Legal sources told Mail Online they would not have to return to Italy for trial and that their convictions are likely be suspended.