Tourist jailed for 8 YEARS over drone pictures

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A man has been jailed for eight years after using a drone to take photos of an Iranian desert.

Benjamin Brière, 36, from France, was arrested in May 2020 after taking pictures in a desert area where photography is prohibited and asking questions on social media about Iran’s obligatory Islamic headscarf for women.

Paris-based lawyer Philippe Valent said an Iranian revolutionary court has sentenced Brière to eight years in prison for espionage and eight months of imprisonment for anti-government propaganda.

The lawyer said the charges are entirely without foundation.

Benjamin Briere and his sister Blandine Briere pose in Lyon, central France in 2013. He was arrested after taking photos with a drone.
Benjamin Brière, seen with his sister Blandine in 2013, has been jailed after using a drone to take photos in Iran. Source: AAP

Brière began a hunger strike on December 25 to protest mistreatment in the prison of the northeastern city of Mashhad where he is being detained.

His sister, Blandine Brière, told The Associated Press “we are disheartened at such a huge sentence and also very angry to see this is actually a political trial.”

“This is like a huge mountain in front of us, we feel helpless,” she added, saying her brother is caught in “a diplomatic game” played by Iranian authorities.

“Today we need the (French) government to take action and help us, help Benjamin, and do whatever is needed to get him out,” she said.

“He is getting weaker, he is very tired physically and mentally.”

Benjamin Brière, 36, is pictured.
Brière has been sentenced to eight years behind bars. Source: Reuters

Brière’s Iranian lawyer, Saeed Dehghan, told the AP that his client is still on hunger strike yet is “in good spirits.”

Mr Dehghan said the court hearing took place on Thursday in Mashhad. Brière was charged for “cooperation with a foreign hostile nation against Islamic Republic of Iran,” he said.

This is the first time that an Iranian court considered France a “hostile nation.” So far, the US and Israel were on the list in similar cases.

France, alongside other world powers, is in negotiations with Iran in Vienna to revive a 2015 nuclear deal.

Brière’s conviction comes after researcher Fariba Adelkhah, an anthropologist with dual French-Iranian citizenship, was sent back to prison earlier this month.

Adelkhah has been detained in Iran since June 2019 and was given a five-year sentence for “gathering and collusion” against Iran’s security. She had been under house arrest since October 2020.

French authorities condemned the January 12 decision to jail Adelkhah in a statement last week from Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Anne-Claire-Legendre. “We demand her immediate release,” she said, adding that her conviction “is not based on any credible evidence; it is purely political and arbitrary.”

Protesters call for Benjamin Brière's release from an Iranian prison in Paris, France.
Protesters in Paris call for the 36-year-old's release. Source: AAP

Rights groups accuse hard-liners in Iran’s security agencies of using foreign detainees as bargaining chips for money or influence in negotiations with the West. Tehran denies it, but there have been prisoner exchanges in the past.

In March 2020, Iran and France swapped French researcher Roland Marchal for Iranian engineer Jalal Ruhollahnejad.

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