Tourist deported from Bali over 'immoral act' caught on CCTV

The man is the latest tourist to be booted from the island as officials continue their crackdown on poor behaviour.

A tourist caught on CCTV in Bali involved in a public sex act has been immediately deported from the holiday hotspot and black-listed from returning for six months.

The Italian man, 35, only identified as LS, was snapped on camera on September 9 in an alley outside a residential home in Kuta in a very compromising position, with footage of the romp subsequently going viral on social media.

It's believed the man met a Balinese woman at a nightclub when the pair decided to go back to a hotel, however, apparently they simply couldn't wait for privacy and proceeded to indulge in the act outside of a local man's home.

 A still with the sexual act covered by artwork.
CCTV of the steamy sex act went viral on social media. Pictured here is a still of the footage with the act covered by artwork. Source: Ayu Purwita / DetikBali

Dog barking alerts man to disturbance

The homeowner was alerted to the canoodling duo after hearing his dog's repeated barks.

When he stumbled across the pair, he initially thought he had walked in on the man urinating, though the reality was soon apparent.

“It turned out that when we checked the CCTV, they were having sex,” the Bali man's wife Ayu Purwita told detikBali. She then claimed the couple "jumped over a fence and ran away", but police later identified LS in the security footage and subsequently arrested him. The woman was not arrested.

The Italian man had been staying in Bali on a visa that was due to expire on October 3. But according to an immigration report dated on Sunday and “based on a letter of recommendation from the police”, the man was deported on a flight destined for Rome via Kuala Lumpur.

“The person concerned will be subject to Immigration Administrative Action (TAK) in the form of deportation and the person’s name will be included in the deterrence list,” Head of the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office, Sugito, said.

The man, identified only as LS, pictured in the middle beside Indonesian officials.
The man, only identified as LS, has been given a six-month ban from entering Bali. Source: Ngurah Rai Immigration Office.

According to the Indonesian National Police website, the deported man's name could remain on the “immigration blacklist” for six months, and extended by six months at a time at authorities' discretion.

More than 200 people were deported from Bali in the first eight months of 2023, including 12 Australians. The figure represents a jump year on year, compared with 188 for the entirety of 2022.

New guidelines for tourists to Bali

Earlier this year, Aussie travellers heading to Bali were warned over a new “Dos and Don’ts” list when entering the popular tourist destination, as frustrated local authorities continue a crackdown on misbehaving tourists.

The move followed a spate of recent bad behaviour, and was announced by the Head of the Regional Office of the Bali Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Anggiat Napitupulu.

The card of rules will be given out to foreigners when they land so they cannot feign ignorance about what is and isn’t acceptable to do on their holiday. In another move to stop misbehaving tourists authorities also recently established a tourism task force.

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