Bali tourists warned about popular swimming spot: 'Death trap'

The idyllic pool found close to Bali comes with a deadly warning.

Angel Billabong is considered a must-see destination while in Bali after being popularised by social media. But it is also a serious "death trap".

Only a short ferry or boat ride away from Bali, many come to admire the beauty of the natural infinity pool overlooking the ocean, as well as other Instagrammable locations at Nusa Penida.

However the tranquil waters can just as easily turn into rough monster waves, threatening to smash swimmers into the cliffs.

A photo of a woman posing at Angel's Billabong. Another photo of huge waves coming from the ocean into the Angel's Billabong natural infinity pool.
Angel Billabong, a hidden gem off the coast of Bali made popular by social media, at times can be extremely dangerous. Source: TikTok

"Always listen to the guides," one tourist warned on TikTok.

A video of four girls peacefully swimming in the water moments before being swallowed by waves communicates the risk.

"They are very lucky," one person commented on the Instagram video. "I heard scary stories from the local tour guide when I visited Angel’s Billabong."

"Good thing they are safe. They might hit their head on the rocks," another said.

"That place is magnificent but an absolute death trap! Google how many deaths and injuries, just terrible. Lucky we were warned by Balinese friends before going," another said.

At the spot, there is signage warning visitors to not stand close to the cliffs, however there are none about when's the safest time to swim.

Fatalities at Angel Billabong

There have been several fatalities reported at Angel Billabong, most recently in 2018, when a 46-year-old Chinese national Qiuwei Anhui was taking a selfie from the water and a wave crashed into him, pulling him out to sea.

A group of girls are hit by a wave at Angel Billabong in Bali.
A group of friends were hit with a surge from a wave, but were thankfully uninjured. Source: Instagram

In 2017, a similar incident occurred, only on the edge of the Angel's Billabong cliffs. New Zealand man Temson Junior Simeki and his girlfriend were taking a selfie when she was hit by a wave and fell into the ocean. Mr Simeki died trying to save her, Sydney Morning Herald reports.

In 2016, Perth local Brad Williams and his wife Lestari Williams were honeymooning when they were hit by a wave along the rocks at Angel's Billabong. Mrs Williams was pulled away from her husband and her body washed up on the coastline the following day.

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