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Tourists' terrifying encounter at Bali zoo: 'Worst nightmare'

A snake feared to be a cobra was captured leaving an enclosure, much to the dismay of onlookers.

A group of tourists visiting Bali Zoo said they were left shocked after witnessing a snake slither out of an enclosure.

Claire Back was close by when she caught the snake in its escape plan, sharing photos of the rattling experience online.

"We went to Bali Zoo which was amazing but got the fright of our lives when this snake slithered out in front of us coming out of a monkey enclosure," she said on the Bali Bogans Facebook group.

Two photos of a snake in Bali Zoo escaping an enclosure.
A woman exploring Bali Zoo claims a snake managed to escape one of the enclosures, with staff believing it to be a Cobra. Source: Facebook (Facebook/Bali Bogans)

"We quickly told someone and the zoo went into a bit of a panic as they think it was a Cobra. Was not expecting that."

The popular destination, home to more than 300 animals, is usually frequented by hundreds of tourists a day.

Social media users react to snake escape

The "scary" Facebook post received almost 300 reactions and more than 100 comments, with people feeling less enthusiastic about visiting now, calling the incident their "worst nightmare".

"That’s a big snake," one person said. "I would've ran for life," another added.

"Wanted to go to the zoo but nope," a third person said.

Others also shared the similar experiences they had at Bali Zoo.

"One dropped down at my feet a few years ago when we went there, scared the bejeezus out of me, it just slithered off into the bushes," one person said.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to Bali Zoo for comment.

Taronga Zoo guests told to 'run for safety' after lions escape closure

Just last month in Australia, guests staying at Sydney's Taronga Zoo were woken to the sound of an alarm and staff reportedly telling them to run for safety.

The zoo revealed five lions – one adult and four cubs - were located outside their main exhibit.

They confirmed the "emergency situation" occurred about 6.30am but was "under control in minutes".

The zoo "has strict safety protocols in place for such an incident", they said in a statement.

"All zoo staff acted swiftly, and procedures and processes were followed as they should have been," it later said.

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